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We’re about to show you the secret to increasing your conversion rate by at least 200% in less than 48 hours!

Secrets To Boost Your Brand Exposure In Less Than 48 Hours With Your Facebook Page!

You’ve just made the best decision by downloading this report.

We’re about to show you the secret to increasing your conversion rate by at least 200% in less than 48 hours!

Stop losing customers to your competition, with this effective strategy.

In this report you will learn to:

Grab your target audience’s attention
Multiply your conversion rate by 10x or more
Boost your engagement in a couple of hours

There are over one billion Facebook users who want to buy from a business like yours. So, if you’re ready to crush your competition and become an industry leader, then keep reading.

We’ve crafted the perfect plan for you and our strategies are so easy that you can start seeing results in as little as 48 hours from now.

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Maximize brand exposure

You can get your brand in front of 1000+ Facebook users in a matter of minutes.

Minimize marketing expenses

It costs $0 to start a Facebook page, and less than $100 to run a successful ad campaign.


Blogging expert. Scott Ayres, ran a 3-day Facebook ad to promote his new page. ln 3 days, his page reached over 20,000 people, and generated 1,410 new page likes.

How much did it cost to run the ad?


So, if you’re looking to boost your brand in an extremely affordable way, this is a MUST for you.

Directly access your target market

Facebook’s targeted advertising can bring you 500+ qualified leads in less than 72 hours.

Build a Brand Loyal Community

Encourage your customers to give reviews, share opinions, and offer feedback. This open communication will help build a community of customers who keep coming back to your business.

Satisfy your audience's needs

Facebook analytics can help you provide your audience with consistently valuable content to benefit their lives.

Not All Facebook Page Strategies Will Work For You. How Do You Choose?

The biggest mistake you could make to stop reading this report. Without our expert guidelines, you will struggle to win over your target market, and you’ll keep losing customers to your competitors.

How This Company Used Their Facebook Page To Generate 16,000 leads In 3 days


Shutterfly’s goal was to get more leads through Facebook and boost their sales. But How?


The Strategy:

The team came up with a promotion: offering a free personalized ceramic mug to their target audience.

The campaign was set up through Facebook’s Offer Claims. For 3 days, a unique, single-use offer code was available to anyone who clicked on the ad.

To make the offer super effective, Shutterfly used Facebook’s targeted advertising to reach their target market: mothers with kids at home.


The results will blow you away:

In three days, 16,000 people claimed the offer – and it doesn’t end there. An additional 8,000 purchases were generated through the offer, resulting in an 11X return on ad spend.


The results will blow you away:

In three days, 16,000 people claimed the offer – and it doesn’t end there. An additional 8,000 purchases were generated through the offer, resulting in an 11X return on ad spend.

Facebook makes it super easy for you to reach a niche audience – and it’s crazy affordable too. The reason why so many businesses are investing in Facebook marketing is because it works and the results are huge.

4 Highly Effective Ways To Get Your Facebook Page In Front Of Thousands Of Users

Once you’ve created your page, it’s time to get in front of your audience.

The best way to do this is to use all of Facebook’s resources to promote it everywhere. There are a number of ways to successfully promote your page to your target audience, and we’ve listed 4 of the best:

Boost Awareness With Your Personal Profile

Grab your Facebook Friends’ attention with stories that will drive them to your page. Facebook Stories are the perfect way to give your customers fresh content everyday and get them to come back for more.

The best ways to use stories are:

  • Getting personal: show your customers what goes on behind the scenes at your business.
  • Building anticipation: share big updates and announcements for a limited time.
  • Hosting killer giveaways: Reward engaged customers for interacting. Showing limited time sales and discount codes
  • Showing limited-time sales and discount codes

TIP:Facebook also gives you different features like live filters, drawing tools, and creative fonts to make your videos stand out. Just tap the ‘Effects” icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and work your magic.

Reach Out To Your Customers & Email List

Have a local business? The goal is to get your page in front of them.

Run a promotion where people get a 20% discount if they like your page from their mobile device.

Online businesses can do the same. Put page link in your email signature, or promote an offer to anyone who likes the page.

Promote On Other Social Channels

Sharing your page from your other social media accounts is another option, but don’t do it often. Strike a balance, so you don’t annoy the audience you’ve built on Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin.

Promote Through Your Website

Include social media follow buttons on your website and blog to make it easy for your audience to connect with your Facebook page.

Another nifty way to promote your page is to use a page plugin. You can easily embed and promote your page on your website. Your latest Facebook posts will show on your website; where visitors can like and share your page without ever leaving.

With these simple, proven tactics, you can drive thousands of Facebook users to your page in no time. But if you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to give them VALUE.

How do you make sure that you are posting high-value content on your page?

The answer is a four-step “value test”.

Are You Creating Valuable Content For Your Facebook Page?:

4 Questions To Ask Before Hitting “Post”

Your content should make your audience want to take action. But that will only happen if your posts are always valuable.

Before you post anything on your Facebook page, ask the following questions.

1. Would I share this?
If your goal isn’t to get your audience to share your content, why are you posting?

If you wouldn’t share what you’re posting, then your audience definitely won’t.

2. Is this relevant?
If your business is about HVAC services, for example, then you should keep most of your posts related to HVAC topics.

Posting disjointed content will frustrate your audience and they will leave your page.

3. Will this start a conversation?

Don’t talk at your audience – talk to them.
Hundreds of Facebook pages post promotional content that have zero engagements or conversions.

The key to being conversational is not just to motivate people to comment on our post. You should focus on:

  • Asking questions
  • Sharing “caption this” photo posts
  • Creating polls
  • Giving your audience useful tips that will benefit them.

If you do this regularly, you will see a major increase in your leads and conversions.

4. Is there a strong CTA?
Sometimes just adding “Please Like & Share” to the end of a post will increase audience engagement.

But you have to encourage your audience the right way.

For example: you post a link to an important article and you want people to read it.

Which post would get more engagement?:

Option 1: ‘Learn the 5 Questions you should ask before promoting an offer” or
Option 2: “Check out the 5 Questions you should ask before promoting and offer– BTW #3 is awesome! Which one do you like best?”

Option 2 has a higher chance of getting more clicks.

It encourages action, builds interest, and asks a compelling question — “Which one do you like best?”

Using simple tactics like these can make a major difference in your engagements.

Your Facebook content must WOW your audience at all times. When someone likes your page, they expect high value content.

The perfect Facebook page offers value in many different ways.

For your business, your secret weapon is an “exclusive offer”. When you offer your audience a free, high-value gift for engaging with your page it makes them want to interact more.

Facebook offers are so powerful, they have the ability to boost conversion rates by over 200-300%.

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$10,000 profit in 2 days
How A Small Business Used a Facebook Offer to Get BIG Results


Home decor specialist. Elaine Topper created a Facebook page to engage with her target audience and boost her sales, but it wasn’t working.

Her posts weren’t performing well, and she kept losing clients to other high-per-forming competitors.

So, she decided to level up her strategy.


Elaine chose to use a Facebook ad campaign to give her target audience an irresistible offer.

The offer was a special discount code on a reveal page that people got after liking Elaine’s page.

Elaine promoted her campaign by sending an email to her 1,767 email contacts. She also posted updates about the campaign on her Facebook page.


Elaine chose to use a Facebook ad campaign to give her target audience an irresistible offer.

The offer was a special discount code on a reveal page that people got after liking Elaine’s page.

Elaine promoted her campaign by sending an email to her 1,767 email contacts. She also posted updates about the campaign on her Facebook page.


The Results?

$10,000 profit in 48 hours
200% increase in page likes in three weeks
A Facebook page can make a major difference in any business. The best way to maximize your brand exposure and conversions is to creatively use the available Facebook tools. Elaine did this and the results were phenomenal.

When you provide your audience with content that boasts massive value -you’ll have conversions coming in by the dozen.

3 Guaranteed Ways To Turn Likes Into Qualified Leads

If your Facebook page has 1000+ fans but is generating no leads for your website, that’s a problem.

The good news is, you can still get your likes to become qualified leads. It’s all about giving them a powerful incentive.

Here are 3 guaranteed ways to make this happen:

"FAN ONLY" Exclusive Offers

For the fans who have never purchased from your business before, an exclusive “Thank you for Liking us!” coupon encourages them to buy. Boost this offer by setting up an amazing landing page, and require that page visitors like the page to get the offer.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the best way to give prospects valuable “social proof”. People trust businesses that can prove what they say is true, especially if that proof comes from a customer.

Screenshot positive reviews from sites like Yelp, and share them on your Facebook page. Tag the reviewer’s business in your post with a “Thank you,” to your customers.

Sharing screenshots of emails from happy customers works too, just ask for permission first.

If you’re just starting out and your business doesn’t have any reviews yet, give your audience an incentive to leave positive feedback.

Paid Ads

Want to generate more leads faster? The targeted Facebook advertising feature is the best way to make that happen. Tailor your ads to grab your audience’s attention using this next-level feature. With this tool, you can reach out to 10,000+ people for less than $100.

The idea is to get your business to stand out and also give your audience a reason to go beyond liking your page. With these few methods, you can easily take advantage of your Facebook traffic and monetize all your social media efforts.

Final Secrets – Revealed
Insider Tips To Your High-Converting Facebook Content Strategy

With a high-converting Facebook page, you can motivate prospects to connect with your brand immediately. The final stats to help you boost your brand are:


The secret to getting more conversions, is to incorporate video marketing. Millions of hours are spent on watching Facebook videos everyday

Quick Tip: The sweet spot for video length is 60 to 90 seconds

of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos a week.

million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook.
of people want to see more video content from markets.


Timing could be the difference between a 200% increase and a 50% decrease in your conversion rate. So, if you want to get maximum engagements from your posts, this is when you should post:

According to this map, the best time to post is between 9am and 2pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


Photo posts draw more attention than plain text. They also make your page look 20X better. Boost your engagement rate, by giving your audience high-quality, image posts regularly.


Post with 80 charactersor less receive 66% higherengagement.

Do you want more than 50% of your audience to read your posts and engage with them? DON’T give them long posts that are hard to read. Give them bite-sized content that will make them come back for more.

Quick tip: Add amazing visuals to your posts and your engagement rate could triple in a day.

With these secrets you can create a series of perfect Facebook posts that will win the trust of your subscribers, multiply your rate of conversions, and also set you far ahead of your competitors.


Driving Facebook users to your page is great, but your goal should be to get them to convert.

Most prospects who like your page won’t take action unless you give them a powerful incentive. When you offer prospects high value content regularly, you encourage them to connect with your business.

With the right Facebook page strategy, you can engage with 1000s of customers and drive up your sales.

It’s not enough to create a standard Facebook page. You need to create content that will always stand out.

The mistake 90% of business owners make, is generating a basic page that offers generic information and zero value. You need to make sure that you are not one of them.

So, while you focus on building your brand, take a look at your current Facebook page strategy and compare it with what we’ve given you. If your strategy does not match the requirements we’ve provided in this report, then it’s time for you to consider upgrading.


With the right Facebook page, you’ll have the power to attract 100s of new customers and INCREASE conversions.

At Umbrella Digital Marketing we’re giving you an opportunity to revamp your Facebook page strategy.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your Facebook page with you and also identify the best content strategy to move ahead with. During your consultation, we’ll provide you with the resources you need to create successful ad campaigns to reel in your target audience.

With everything we give you, you can transform your Facebook page into a lead generating machine.

We want you to experience the same results we’ve achieved, and that’s why we created this report. We want to see you win.

Based on our knowledge and rigorous analysis we create customized winning strategies that address your specific needs

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