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So Why Aren’t Your Ads Converting?

Almost 90% of businesses put out online ads that fail to convert, everyday!

Most businesses fail to convert for one simple reason, they don’t realize they need to follow a simple formula that will really boost conversions and increase the bottom line!

There are millions of users who search the internet, everyday, for businesses like yours. But if you don’t have the right formula, you’re never going to get them to your site.

We’ve come up with a killer formula that will bring in guaranteed traffic and boost your conversions at a super crazy rate!

The Secret Formula:

6 Golden Rules Get “Call-To-Action” Ads To Convert

With this formula, you’ll never have to worry about conversions again.
If you understand the formula, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of every business in your industry, and your profits can skyrocket!

Makes sense, right? Keep reading because we have a lot of secret ingredients for a high-converting advertising strategy to get you on your way!

High-Converting Rule


Maximum 5-7 Words… Period!

Keep It Short, And Make Every Word Count!
With online ads, less is more. You’ve got 3 seconds to impress your audience. so you have to make your ad as catchy and easy to read as possible!

If your ads are full of several lines of text, no one’s going to read them!

You can create big impact with less than 7 words, and there are many big companies who have achieved this.

Take a look:

Adobe Example:

A great ad to sell an amazing free offer! In only 6 words, Adobe directs customers to a major benefit – ten free stock images. Then, the call to action is placed right under the headline, so customers know where to go!

Shopify Example:

Strategically Drive Your Message With A Few Choice Words.

Shopify got straight to the point to get their customers to convert. Anyone reading this will feel like Shopify can help them grow their business, get more customers and win. Less than 10 words communicates an effective message. Simple is always best!

Dropbox Example:

Look at how Dropbox positioned their text. Everything flows in one direction. Headline to logo to call to action. What’s the first thing you see? A major benefit: all the space you need to store your files and it’s secure.

And they communicated all of this in less than 10 words. Do you see how effective simple ads can be?

The space with no text (“white space”) is just as important as the text on your ads, everything comes together to form the right impression for a potential buyer!
But that isn’t the only thing these ads have in common. Take a look at them again, what do you see?

That’s right, every ad you see has a clear Call-To-Action that talks directly to the customer. If your CTAs don’t stand out, then your ads will be wasted!

High-Converting Rule


CTAs Must Be Impossible To Miss!

The reason why most businesses don’t land their sales is because they don’t ask for the sale.

If your “Call To Action” doesn’t stand out then, unfortunately, your business is in the majority of companies that are not asking for the sale!

But there’s an easy fix. The best way to position your CTA is on an attention-grabbing button. Why?

Because buttons do make your Call To Actions instantly stand out.

Take a look at these ads that broke the rules and really paid for it! Their ads just don’t stand out at all!

Notice, no matter how creative the headline or the image, the ad is not asking for the sale.

Imagine getting 12.4 million impressions, but almost zero clicks because your CTA is hidden with the text! You can’t let that happen to you!

If your Call to Action blends with the background, then potential customers probably won’t click! thinking it’s just part of the ad, and scrolling right past.

It makes sense, right? If you break the rules of this high-converting formula, then your ads are not going to be successful and your viewers are going to go to your competitors.

High-Converting Rule


Get Your Audience To Take Action!

It’s really simple:
If you want someone to take action after seeing your ads, then you need to tell them what action you want them to take!

You have to use your words. Action verbs are your key to getting your audience to buy, subscribe, opt-in, sign up, etc.

But you have to understand that not every action verb is going to bring you the same results.


Well, let’s analyze that for a second… when you’re placing your ad, you’re not trying to sell, you’re trying to identify potential customers that may be interested.

So, if marketing = Identifying prospects that might be interested

Marketing ads use words like “learn more”, “discover”, “browse”, etc. The point of these ads is to hook your potential customer’s interest and get them to see mre of your business until they’re ready to buy.

Then, selling = Converting interested prospects into sales

So the key is to stick to marketing with effective ads and use your landing pages to sell.

Think of it like this: the reason you’re marketing with your ads, is to cast a wide net of attention.

Remember, once someone visits your page, you can take advantage of retargeting them if necessary, even if they don’t take action on your landing page.


Effective verbs for marketing and selling:

Be very careful with the verbs you place on your ads. If your viewers are not ready to book, order, become, or buy, they won’t click on your ad and you won’t ever be able to retarget them.

These are a good example of “selling” ads. Look at the word choice in the CTA buttons. Start Now. Join Now. They make you want to take action immediately.

But, if your audience is not ready to buy, use action words that build their curiosity like “Find”, “Download”, “Get”, or “Learn”. That way you can attract anyone interested to check your page out. This gives you the opportunity to sell to them with your landing page, or retarget them if they leave!

The Secret Ingredients To The Perfect Call To Action!

Want to get maximum clicks from your ads? You have to make sure your CTAs are the very best!
When you have all the right ingredients, your CTAs can bring in major results.
of business owners don’t know what makes a great call to action.know what makes a great call to action.
You’re not one of them, because we’re here to help!

We’ve already given you a few key pointers, but here are several important tips to help you create the best CTAs possible:

Pick The Right Colors!

Your button color matters a lot.

A local marketing firm chose to change their button ads from orange to green. The results? A 40% boost in conversions in 2 weeks.

Orange and green are the go-to colors for buttons, but it really depends on your site design.

Remember. Your button needs to stand out. So make it a different color to your background. You can’t have a green background and a green CTA button. That won’t work.

This color wheel will help you find the perfect color for your ad and your CTA button.

Make Your Text Large And Clear

Your button text should be big enough to draw attention and easily read, but it shouldn’t be too big. Details matter – that’s how you catch your audience’s eye. Make sure that your text stands out when it’s placed on the background. Here’s a good rule to keep in mind: if your background is a light or bright color. use dark text. If the background is a dark color, use light-colored or white text.

Keep It Short

Button text must be clear and action-oriented. If you make your text too long, you’re going to lose your audience’s attention. Two to five words is more than enough. The idea is to give your audience enough information to know what your business is about, while building their curiosity at the same time.

Create a Sense Of Urgency

Construct a sense of urgency in your call to action buttons and your click rate could shoot through the roof! For example. you could use button text like:

– Sign Up and Get 50% Off Today Only!

Test, Test, Test!

Testing with CTA buttons is absolutely important! If you haven’t done much split testing before, the call-to-action buttons are a great place to start! The smallest, easy-to-make changes can have big effects! Test everything: posi-tioning, color, style, text.

With these few steps, you’ll have high-converting CTA buttons in no time!


Wow One Change = 90% Boost In Clicks


One word can change everything!

And that’s what happened for a local software company.

The team was struggling to get clients to click on their ad’s button to sign up for a free trial of their latest Antivirus.

After running a split test, the team decided to make one tweak. They changed the word “Your” on the button to “My”.


The company released the ad with the updated button and let it run for three weeks. The results?

A 90% increase in clicks to the payment page – all off one ad!

The power of online ads is in simplicity. Small changes create big results! But if you want to get your audience to convert, you have to get them to connect, first!


The company released the ad with the updated button and let it run for three weeks. The results?

A 90% increase in clicks to the payment page – all off one ad!

The power of online ads is in simplicity. Small changes create big results! But if you want to get your audience to convert, you have to get them to connect, first!

High-Converting Rule


Connect With Your Audience In Less Than 3 Seconds!

Did you know that using 1st and 2nd person words can help you convert 42% more than using generic words?
What most people don’t realize is that when you read text you’re actually saying it inside your head.

And saying something inside your mind can actually be a command to your subconscious to act on those words.

Example Of Saying Things In Your Head:

“This isn’t what I want to do.” Can truly stop you from moving forward

“I really need to get noticed more.” Can actually make you take action

“I need to learn more about my ___.” Can really make you push yourself harder

Your brain is an amazing muscle and commanding your brain to take action and figure out how to solve complex problems can be as simple as giving it permission to do the work you want it to do.

So you can tap into this powerful psychology by using 1st and 2nd person words in your ads.

This allows the reader to read it as if it’s their own inner voice is saying it.

Examples for Your CTAs:

The difference is huge. 3rd person words fall flat, but 1st or 2nd person words connect.

This is an awesome way to split test ads and see which commands actually convert better.

Do You Want To Hear More About This Powerful Strategy?

High-Converting Rule


Leverage The Power of FOMO!

The Psychology of Urgency

This is your secret weapon to get your customers’ attention!

Urgency is a psychological trigger that is deeply rooted inside our brain.

Have you ever heard of FOMO? The Fear Of Missing Out. That’s your key to hooking in your target audience.

One of the most powerful strategies 90% of businesses do not use is the “Sense Of Urgency”

Think of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday sales. They’re designed to create a sense of urgency for people to take action.

Think about this for a minute:
Black Friday sales end at 11am. Why 11 am? Why not 2 pm or 5 pm? They could have the sale go on all month if they wanted to, but they don’t! That’s because the team behind Black Friday knows that sense of urgency = major sales!

In 2018, Black Friday pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales. That is the power of the sense of urgency!

When faced with a limited-time offer (e.g. a discount), we start to automatically evaluate if we’re comfortable letting this opportunity get away (or if the fear of missing out is too great).

So to make sure that we have the highest conversion rates, we always need to create a sense of urgency.

Here are the best words you can use to build FOMO:

High-Converting Rule


Use High Value Words For High Converting Ads!

Words sell. They always have and they always will—especially now. Consumers are all about social media.

People don’t want TV or newspapers. They want content straight on their desktops and mobile devices.

If you use the right words in your ads, you can use any platform to get hundreds, or even thousands, of customers to your business.

But the question is: what kinds of words sell?

Take A Look:

Value words are the words that are going to get you conversions. They can be put into three different categories:


Exclusivity is extremely valuable because it taps into the understanding that most of what we want we can’t have or more importantly what others can’t have. That FOMO pushes customers to opt-in and buy.


Showing the price or discount up front can instantly create value for someone that wasn’t even thinking about buy-ing. People are always on the lookout for a good deal, and price value words can help you reel these customers in!


Customers want to know that you’ve got their back. They want to know that you are going to follow through on your offer. So. using words that help create a safe buying experience can boost your conversions.

Using these words could be the final push you need to give your customers. Your word choice could bring you thousands of more visitors, or it could cost you! You have to make the right decisions so that you can get amazing results!

So there you have it! This is our expert strategy to get you the conversions you need. But that’s not all. We’ve got one more thing for you!

Big Bonus: 33 High Converting Phrases You MUST Put In Your Ads

We’ve given you our killer strategy for creating high-converting ads, and we’re giving you one more thing. Below is a set all the high converting phrases you need to boost your business and get the results you want to see!
Here’s your secret weapon to getting more conversions:

With these phrases, you can easily create tons of online ads that will convert, convert, convert!

Your Ultimate Checklist To Create Ads That Convert!

By now, you have a much better sense of everything you need to create online ads that catch your audience’s attention and bring them right to your site.
We’ve given you our top secret formula to get you on your way. 90% of businesses don’t have access to this, and they need it!

You’ve got fantastic insider tips to crush your competition and WIN.

To help you stay on track, here’s a checklist you can come back to so you can make sure you have included every important detail in your online ads.


The Golden Rule: Short And Sweet

Create CTAs That Win Attention

Action Words Create Action-Taking Customers

1st or 2nd Person Words Bring Conversions In Seconds

FOMO Is The Key To Standing Out

High-Value Words Create High-Converting Ads

With these points, you can multiply your conversions and transform your business in a matter of days.

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